Radio Dur from Slovenia
Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Pictures of Ljubljana, Slovenia

All Photos © courtesy of Špela Marinčič ©

Photos taken from Castle Hill in Ljubljana

Thank you Špela!

Ljubljanski Grad

Ljubljana's Castle on Castle Hill. From the tower, you can see all of Ljubljana and the
surrounding hills -- if you are fortunate enough to get there on a sunny day.

Trnovo Church

Trnovo with Trnovska Cerkev (Trnovo Church) in front. This is where France Prešeren
met Primičova Julija (his big love). Barje is the plains area in the back of the photo.

Šmarna Gora

Šmarna Gora is the hill in the back. On the right is Šmarna Gora and Grmada on the left.

Poljane and St. Joseph Church

Poljane with St. Jozef Church in the foreground, Ljubljanica (the river) and Zasavsko hribovje, the hills in the background.

Neboticnik -- Tallest building in Europe in 1933!

Nebotičnik -- once, the highest building in Ljubljana, but not any longer. A beautiful view from up there. In the background is Rožnik,
the hill, and a big building that houses the ice arena and basketball courts. To the left of it (red roof) is Cekinov Grad (Cekin Castle).

Public market and Resljeva Street

Resljeva Street -- In the bottom of the photo is one of Ljubljana's open market places where people sell the
products from their gardens and fields. People come from villages all around the city to sell their crops to Ljubljanans.

Panoramic View of Ljubljana